The Café

El Zopilote Mojado Café offers an ample variety of baguettes (including vegetarian options), salads and pitas. We are also famous for our café de Chiapas, delicious chocolate from Oaxaca, MX, flan, and homemade breads. You can also enjoy a selection of beers, red and white wines, and tequilas in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.


Rooms at El Zopilote Mojado

The perfect historic getaway.

These rooms are on the second floor of our café. The hostal has an attractive sitting room with a balcony that overlooks the Plaza Mexíamora and a reading/writing room with a comfortable armchair and writing table.

  • There is a rooftop terrace for the exclusive use of our guests.

  • Internet Wireless Access is available for no additional charge.

We ask that our guests refrain from smoking in the rooms and in the sitting/reading/writing areas. Smoking is permitted on the terrace only.

The Sun Room

  • 1 Full sized bed

  • Balcony overlooking the Plaza Mexíamora.

  • Private bath located just across the small sitting area outside of the room.

  • $1,400 MX/Night

The Blue Room

  • 1 Queen sized bed

  • Balcony looking into an interior patio.

  • Private bath.

  • $1,400 MX/Night

The White Room

  • 1 Full sized bed and a window looking into an interior patio

  • Shared bath with either the Blue or the Sun Room.

    • Rented exclusively in addition the Sun or Blue Room to accommodate up to 1 additional members of your party. For 1 additional guest, a fee of $700.00 pesos will be added to your room charge.

Your Guanajuato getaway is waiting.